Team Macias - Brand Identity + Marketing Collateral
Guiding Light Coaching – Branding
Makeup and Hair by Paola - Branding
Ozone Clean Technologies – Brand Identity/Style Guide
Tail Lights™ Instr. Manuals – Design, Illustrate, Print
Promier Products - Repack/Brand Refresh
MAGIC Fashion Tradeshow - Print, Digital, Web, etc.
Cabeau Print/Web/Motion Marketing Collateral
Tail Lights™ Brand, Pack, Print, Illustrate
Paper Towns Movie Poster Illustration
E.V. Roberts – Print, Digital, Web
Web & Print for AVAD LLC
Branding & Certificate Design - Life Coaching Program
Vintage Wedding Invitations
Cultural Taboo Publication
Personal Branding/Portfolio 2013
Energizer Rebrand/Repack
Bridal Shower Invitations
Grids...No Grids
Rtsm Publication
Car Manual Infographic System
StriveTV/LA Canvas Event Flyer
Illustration for The Alchemist
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